About Us

BeGospelized.com always gives back all the glory and thanks to God for allowing us to have the ideas of stretching the capabilities of sharing the Gospel throughout the internet.

BeGospelized.com website was brought to existence by God through Mr. Jaybee Dacillo, whose very heart was the fulfillment of God’s commission, that is to share the Gospel and making people disciples of Christ with compassion and love.

And together with “BeGospelized.com” team, through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, all of them are working hand in hand to educate people about Jesus being the Christ. And to improve every spiritual life from accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior and guiding them, teaching them to finally preach God’s Word and be a part of sharing the Gospel.

Being part of this ministry of sharing the Gospel (that Jesus is the CHRIST), the BeGospelized.com website desires to reach the uttermost part of the vastness of the web so that whoever may reach or read the word of God may be blessed spiritually.

BeGospelized.com also believes that it is an opportunity to meditate the word of God. And that everyone needs the Word of God moment by moment. This is why, the BeGospelized.com encourages visitors of this site to pray, meditate and keep a close personal relationship with God through the Teachings, Messages, Testimonies, Inspirational Talks through Text, Images and Videos provided in this website.

Also, We are willing to help and encourage those who are experiencing troubles, worries, problems in life find salvation and answers through Jesus being the Christ.