Show Love, Not Just Offer Sacrifices

Hosea 6:6

For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.


In the Old Testament, God wanted offerings to be blameless, spotless, and pure and must be done on His method accordingly. God is so very strict when it comes to doing and preparing offerings to Him.

We are all ought to give thanks to God because of the things He gave us and for forgiving us our sins. And it is God who gave us the way to meet Him. This is not through our actions and works but through His grace that we received this gift.

Many people believed that to offer something for the Lord is enough. But they do not know the true requirement of God. Our life should depend on God’s will since we all came from Him being our creator. But we have to know that our God is full of mercy and love that He does not need any offerings without our heart being full of humbleness with love and compassion.

God accepts offerings only if the person knows Him clearly. Let us set the example of Abel’s offering over Cain’s.

Both Cain and Abel had their offerings, Cain offered a portion of his crops while Abel offered a livestock. But God did not accepted Cain’s offering. Why? Because Cain do not know the Heart of God. He does not know who God really is. While, Abel offered one of healthy and pure lamb. Abel knew that God will be favored in this kind of offering. Because of this Cain got angry and deceived his brother and killed him.

  1. External Calling

God did not accept Cain’s offering because he does not know God personally, Cain only knew God as someone to be worshipped, someone to be thankful to because they are taught about it by their parents. He only knew God at an external views and without any intimate relationship with Him.

If a person only knew God in this point of view, that person will surely suffer and will not receive answers to prayer.

  1. Internal Calling

The sons of Adam were both taught about the things of God. But in compare to Cain, Abel got an internal calling. Abel made an innate relationship with God. This is why his offering were accepted by God. Also, he knew that the covenant of the Lord to crush the head of Satan is through the Woman’s offspring, the son of a virgin. He knew that God’s forgiveness is only through a blood sacrifice.

If Cain knows about the things of God, he would probably exchange his crops for any of Abel’s livestock. Since Cain only knows God in an informative view, he resented and his actions ended up to killing his brother Abel.

  1. What Should we Do.

We, in this age filled of Satan’s schemes and was ruled by the culture of the darkness must share love through the Gospel. And In order to do this, we have to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to the Lord, Holy and acceptable to Him because it is our reasonable service. Romans 12:1

Keeping ourselves in the Gospel is hard, but let the Gospel take its roots in us for us to continue enjoying our life as an offering to the Lord. Worship has to be restored in us in all that we do. No matter the circumstances may be, we must carry the messages of God and the Gospel to help guide other people to find God’s presence.

Let us have this day as a day offered to God. God bless everyone.


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