Evangelism, The Heartbeat of God

Romans 1:16

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

The sole purpose why God has called us is to make His will fulfilled through us. All of God’s chosen people and every single believer of Christ should live proclaiming His Word, and together they are being prepared to share the Gospel, that Jesus is the Christ. We are destined and called long before we are born to be in His presence and to do His will. Many people do not see this truth and in reality most Christian do not do evangelism.

The title of being an evangelist is not just for pastors, teachers, deacons or elders of the church. But being an evangelist is a title for everyone who accepted the faith and salvation through the grace given by God through the Lord Jesus who is the only Christ. And we do not have to be ashamed about it.

Evangelism is the closest work to God. It is His words and His will being put to action to unite all people, all races, all nations with the same faith. Jesus did this work, all the time by teaching about the Kingdom of God. He never stopped but continued this work until He was arrested, beaten, hanged on the cross and died. After three days He rose again and preached and testified that the Kingdom of God was restored through Him.

Jesus Christ was aware that evangelism is the only work closest to God and that evangelism is what the people need to solve their spiritual problems. This is why He had given us the opportunity to do this work after Him. Also, He promised us not to be afraid but take courage because He will always be with us till the very ends of the age. Matthew 28:19 – 20

Since many believers do not see this as important thing for their lives, most of mankind are still in sufferings and still in slavery of Satan. Many people cannot find true happiness because only few are guiding people to the truth.

As a chosen people for this generation, people of God must learn to live inside His presence no matter the situation may be. We do not have to be discouraged but pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit to receive strength.

We have to do evangelism to make the Gospel be known to everyone. That they may have Jesus as Christ, the true solution to the roots of all problems.

Remember that one person shared to you the Gospel and that is why you believed and had faith. You are now enjoying this faith, the identity of being a child of God, the moments of being with God, the strength from the Holy Spirit and the eternal life given through Christ. You received this blessings because someone shared to you the Gospel.

Why then, we are not sharing this Gospel of Christ to others? God had blessed us because He used someone to share the word to you. And now, God is allowing you to be the blessing for others. He is making His heart filled with joy because you are sharing the Gospel for Him. And also, like the others whom God used to evangelize and lives that He still using to share His word, You also will be use to be a blessing for someone whom God prepared to listen to the Gospel and His word.

We have to be reminded that we are not called just to be listeners of the Gospel but as doers of it too. We have to help each other to win souls for Christ and explaning them, making them understand that Jesus is the Christ in the most effective way we can do. And again, we are not doing it because are told to do so, but we are doing it because it is our privilege and our life long mission.

Let us all make disciples of all nations being in one heart and mind through Christ’s sufficient grace.


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