Prayer to Challenge

Matthew 11:24

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, And ye shall have them.

On the previous message talked about power inside our prayer. And we learned that the power in our prayer comes from God through the Holy Spirit. Today, let us talk about how to challenge life by praying about our life’s purpose and how it should be connected to God.

We know that pray is our connection with God and through listening and meditating His word we are being taught of His purpose and plan. Also, we already learned that in everything that we do it should be God who is always in front of us and taking control of eveything for us to be victorious.

Through prayer we have to learn that we have to continue our life long mission, that is to share the Gospel to all the people starting from our selves, to our household, to the neighbors, to the community, then throughout the nation and to the ends of the world. This is why we do not have to be afraid of the circumstances we are facing right now. We have to challenge ourselves in order to continue this work that the Lord Jesus Christ had given to the disciples then to the early church, and now to our generation.

Starting to challenge ourselves to prayer is really easy to say than being done. Some of us may be discouraged along the path but it is Jesus who promised us that He will be together with us even to the end of times. This is why we have to take this opportunity of enjoying being with the Lord Jesus in all times. So how do we start to praying to challenge.


  1. Prayer of the Believer.

As a believer we have to confirm our faith first. We have to restore ourselves inside the Gospel and pray, testifying Jesus as the only Christ who can solve our spiritual problem. If we are able to restore ourselves in the Gospel we will not be discouraged and will put our trust only to God who freed us from the hands of Satan through the Lord Jesus Christ. If we can do this, opportunities of sharing the word of God will start to take place. And the disciples that God prepared in your field will eventually found.

The confirmation of the Gospel in us as believers will start to motivate us through the filling of the Holy Spirit challenge our selves to do what the Lord wanted us to accomplish.


  1. Prayer Answer.

Prayer answer is not just about receiving material things or physical healing. True prayer answer comes if we can heal ourselves of the scars of the past and able to receive God’s blessing of meeting people He prepared for us.

Also, the true answers to prayer is having the opportunity to pray and enjoy God’s presence even in the midst of difficulties. If we receive this kind of answers we will be able to share the Gospel in and out of season without being ashamed.


  1. Prayer to Overcome Challenges.

While we are full of strength through the Holy Spirit we should guard ourselves with daily meditation and practice atleast 10 minutes of prayer everyday.

Satan is like a roaring lion and and waiting for someone to devour. If we are not aware and prepared for this we will fall to his deception. What we have to do is to pray to overcome this and let the Gospel penetrate our life by restoring thanksgiving in all situation whether its good or bad.

Remember that the early church, and even those people who were called by God from the old testament overcame problems by enjoying the blessing of Immanuel, that God is with them. We also, can receive the power of overcoming all the challenges if we connect ourselves to prayer and enjoy all times being with God.


Start today’s prayer of challenge and see to witness this blessing of God being with you fulfilling His work throughout your place and community.

God bless everyone have a nice day ahead.


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