The Power of Prayer in You

Matthew 26:41

Watch and pray, that ye may not enter into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak.

If you most of the time experience weakening of your spiritual state, you could probably losing hold of the power of prayer in your life. This can result to spiritual lag. Example of that are: ignoring God’s messages; you will start to get tired of praying; you do not want to see other fellow Christians; starting to ignore scheduled meeting in the church.

Any of these reasons can lead us to losing our spiritual strength. Many believers had ignored these things and later fallen into Satan’s deception. All of us can fall in these “pit to deception” and can be led to falling into Satan’s control if we are not preparing spiritually. This is why, we need to guard up our spirit not to be tempted and be aware to what Satan baits us to fall to his control.

  1. We have to be careful.

Being careful is not like we will be spending all our time praying and forgets about everything. But it is having the Gospel being rooted in us. This is the only thing that can destroy Satan’s work, so it is imperative to have the Gospel be meditated at least 10 minutes every day. Especially, when you wake up in the morning and meditating the Word of God can make the day a God-centered day.

Since we already know what Satan does to attack us. We can block these schemes of Satan that prevents us to receive God given strength. This is through holding on that Jesus is the Christ and the only one who can destroy works of the darkness.

  1. Filling of the Holy Spirit.

First of the essential things of receiving spiritual strength is through the filling of the Holy Spirit. We can never have strength unless given by God through the Holy Spirit. While Satan who is always there to tempt and deceive us. Through prayer we are able to receive the filling of the Holy Spirit and empower us to continue God’s work and destroy Satan’s works through us. In addition, through prayer we are able to ease our mind from the pressure of problems that holds us to enjoy God’s presence.

  1. We have to continue Praying.

We can always begin prayer in the most convenient time we can have. Prayer is not a burden. We can always choose when to pray. I believe that there are people who are not able to pray because they give so much of their time to do other things and prioritize it than the things about God. The reason we are not able to pray is because we choose it, nothing more and nothing less.

We have to keep ourselves on this devotion to God. Since God put His everything through giving us redemption from our Original Sin through Jesus being the Christ. We have to keep ourselves devoted to being together with God. We can only do this in prayer.

Enjoy being together with God. Restore thanksgiving and worship within our prayers. Make the Gospel, that Jesus is the Christ be preached to the world.

God bless us.


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