Pushed to the Limits, Start Experiencing God’s Power

Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.

When we are in problems we became desperate and became so naive of having the solutions. Many of us were led astray in life, became mentally ill and were driven to commit suicide. Resolving problems may be hard but if we can restore thanksgiving to the Lord in the midst of problems we can restore ourselves within the presence of God.

A person pressed with problems affects his way of thinking, focus and even affects his lifestyle. Many people were observed to be in bad shape whenever they are in problems compared to those who were not. I believe that if a person is in trouble they still bring it to their sleep then their create dreams even nightmares.

This is the truth, if a person does not understand God’s Word correctly and do not live a life filled with God desires. Surely, greater problems in his/her life will arise.

We have to experience God’s power throughout this moment of experiencing problems. Remember when Jesus was sleeping on a boat with the disciples. The disciples were frightened by thunderstorm and strong wind with the waves almost engulfing their boat. Because of the fear of their ship being wrecked, right the middle of the storm they wake up Jesus Christ and they saw how Jesus stopped the storm by just a command. There and then, they experienced the Power of God; unfortunately they were rebuked about their faith being so little.

Jesus is not rebuking the disciples because they were limited by their faith, but because He feels sorry for them not enjoying together with God and with Him; In spite of being together with Him all the time.

God did not allow problems to come just for us to experience it and leave us there. God wanted us to see how we will be confidently face greater problems together with Him. Just like Jesus with his disciples God feels sorry for us whenever we are in problems and do not enjoy that moment with Him. Specially, for believers who ought to pray in the middle of problems and was not able to because of the hurt, scars and discouragement given by the problem they are facing.

We have to see that our lives and its sustenance are within God’s grace. Also, it is our privilege to be with God; and to be with God is being alive and full of spiritual strength. We have to see ourselves experiencing God’s power inside his presence through prayer. Praying and meditating God’s word are essential factors to make our lives blessed and full of power. Through that power that connects us with God, we can overcome and pass through any problem.

We can experience God’s power throughout our lives if we can hold onto the Gospel. Surely, we can be God’s vessel for others to receive God’s blessings especially being saved through Jesus being the Christ.

Many times we had already passed and overcame challenges because God is with us; how much more if we continue following God’s desires and live within his countenance? We could have been a source of encouragement for others, especially those who do not know about Jesus being the Christ. It may have been hard for them not realizing this great blessing.

Remember that we are powerless without God’s but because Jesus incarnated, died on the cross and rose again after three days. He made us filled with God’s grace when we accepted Him as our God, Lord and mighty savior.

Let us experience God’s power and enjoy being with Him through holding on to the Gospel, that Jesus is the Christ.

God bless and have a great powerful day.


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