All in Faith

Hebrew 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

You can always have the guidance of God, if we are within His presence. The more we enter into the depths of His love the more we are able to understand our situation, guard our emotion, and prepare our mind and heart to be able to overcome the forces of Satan.

Also, if we are able to pray and meditate within times of problem, the Gospel which is the true answer will start taking place. We as God’s chosen people are ought to receive strength through the filling of the Holy Spirit. We only have to be in tact to put everything all in faith.

The moment we entrust God all our ‘everything’ we will be able to go beyond our limitations. God as our creator made the impossible into possibilities. Through Jesus’ incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection he made everything in us back to original state (Genesis 1:27 – 28), a blessed God’s people.

Faith is being brought in us because of Jesus fulfilled His work being the Christ. If we discover that the power coming from the Holy Spirit starts from having faith in the Lord Jesus, fulfilling the way of the Gospel. We will witness God’s revelation in us that no matter what problem we may experience it is only through the Gospel that we will find true answer.

Through faith we can make cultures of this world into the culture of the gospel. Like Joseph when he was in Egypt, ma

Only the Gospel can solve our spiritual problem and Jesus Christ is the only one that can crush Satan’s head. If we are able to understand this we can also pray the same way as the Disciples of Christ did in the Book of Acts. And we will also experience the Holy Spirit filling us within making us witness of Christ throughout our place and mission field.

We must put all our faith in God through the Gospel in order to make world evangelization happen. Let us pray to make this mission happen and make our faith grow in lined with the Gospel.

Jesus is the only Christ. God bless us.


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