The Happiest Person who knows the Gospel, Overcomes the World

1 John 5:4

For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world even our faith.

How do you know you are happy? How do we say that people are happy? Is it through, having things we wanted, or the event we all waiting for happened or came true; achieved the things we so much hoped? We maybe became satisfied of the results.

On the previous messages we talked about what are the reasons why people cannot find true happiness, and found out that we have to be with God. We can expect things get worse but with God we can overcome it happily.

One of the aspects of being happy is not to get easily angered. Even though there are happy moments, we still cannot neglect moments where we can easily be upset then get angry. While some of us are trying to get to overcome anger, there are a lot of things to get angry about. That is why it is too difficult for us to do so.

Anger brings us only hatred, loss of communication and separation. With the Gospel we can find the reason why we become unhappy or angry. If you know the reason why you became angry; then, you can have a hold of about your anger and get better managing your emotions.

  1. In case there will be moments I will get angry, what should I do? 

We have to put our emotions down and get anchored to the thoughts of the Gospel. In this manner, we will be reminded that the situations you are in are prayer topics and have to be prayed right away. Consequently, we can take back the focus we lost, and have calm and peaceful mind.

  1. There will always be times to get mad, that is why we have to guard ourselves.

Expect that there will be moments where we will lose our senses and get distracted with raging emotions that can ruin relationships. We should ready ourselves with prayer in mind. Help our mind to comprehend the situation first; and then analyze what steps should be rightfully done before engaging into deepening our emotions into the situation.

  1. Do not make other people suffer because you are upset.

All of us are fragile when it comes to our emotions; that is why we must not pass our angry mood to other people. It is always observed like this for example, A boss of an office had a rough discussion with his wife this morning; bringing this mood to the office he shouted his secretary when he was about to greet him. Then, the secretary lost her focus and started to get confused. Then she went home scolding her children and ruining the moment with her family.

This kind of lifestyle actually starts a bad day. This can make a whole day of unfocused mind that can result to chaos.

If we will be able to enjoy the moment with God through prayer and meditating His word deeply; we can enter into the His presence and protect our emotions. Doing this as a habit can form a solitude faith that can overcome anything. Remember we can only do this through the grace of God.

Be the Happiest person to overcome the world.


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