Reasons Why People Cannot Find True Happiness

Romans 3:23

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

We all are aiming for happiness. This is why we look for all means of entertainment; we look for something that will make our time worthwhile. We took our leisure time to the best moment it can give us. We even spend lots of money to approach the greatest heights of joy we think that amount would give us.

Let us say, we party hard all night long, get drunk like nothing can stop us, laughed together with our friends, do stupid things; but at the end we will still all be going home, waking up, facing all the problems again.

People believed that happiness can be found in so many things. That is true, but the life as we know it is not as happy as we want it to be. There are reasons why people cannot find true happiness.

  1. They are separated from God.

Life without God is nothing. We are created to live with God. Our spirit, given by God; created as image of God within us is always searching and longing for God.

We can observe that in ancient times or by observing primitive tribes. They were not educated, not taught about any religious activity but was able to consider that there is someone who is higher than them, with great power whom they have to give credit about their life and about everything.

The bible tells us that the first Man is created being together with God but fell into deception and sinned against God; then lived being separated from God.

  1. They cannot find the true way to God.

Many people have engaged themselves to many beliefs, religions, organizations that they think would show them the true way to God. What they did not know is that the only true way is only through the Lord Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

  1. Satan is preventing them to go to God.

Many of us out there are in suffering because of illnesses, emotionally unstable because of the broken families or maybe loved ones left them. While some of us, had scars of their past always hunting them; hurting them to the point of being worried. For some, these things led them to suicidal acts.

These are works of Satan, because we are separated from God. Satan eventually presented himself as our master of our lives since God is not present inside our hearts. Satan leads people to sin and created hatred to anything about God.

Satan is controlling this world. He created cultures, beliefs, governments, societies that do not follow God. That is why many of us doubted the God’s existence.

  1. Sin is covering us.

Our sin is blocking our way to God. And this is the main reason we cannot go directly to God. We have to be redeemed through the Lord Jesus Christ. He finished every sin through dying on the cross.

We can be accepted by God if we will come to the Lord Jesus, who is the only Christ (1 John 1:9) and admit that we sinned against God. Through Him we can be forgiven and be cleansed through the blood.

We all have to go to God, through the Lord Jesus Christ; who is the only way for us to meet God. Confess our sin and let Christ take over our life so that He will be our King; the only one who can break down all the powers of Satan.

A life within the Gospel is a life filled with happiness.

God bless us, Jesus is the Christ.


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